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Christo - Wrapped Bottles and Cans    Christo - Wrapped Telephone

Christo - Ecole    Christo - Wrapped Reichstag

For more Christo prints--inquire at Kass/Meridian

Christo (1935 -), best known for his environmental wrappings, Christo's work revolves around the idea of "gentle disturbances" in which art is removed from the gallery setting and placed in peculiar or unthinkable places - often on a grand scale. To fund these projects he and his wife sell prepartory drawings and prints based on their upcoming concept. His most well-known projects include "Wrapped Coast -- One Million Sq. Ft.", a 1969 fabric covering of Little Bay in Sydney, Australia and "Wrapped Reichstag", a complete fabric covering of the Reichstag building in Berlin, Germany in 1995.


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