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Dali - Adam and Eve    Dali - Caesar and Cleopatra    Dali - Couple a Cheval   

Dali - All's Well That Ends Well    Dali - The Glory That Was Spain    Dali - Golden Helmet

Dali - Le Grand Tournoi    Dali - Merville And His Son    Dali - Sainte Lucie

Dali - Transfiguration    Dali - Venus Mars Cupid    Dali - The Quest

Dali - Transfiguration    Dali - The Quest    Dali - Transfiguration

Dali - Venus Mars Cupid    Dali - The Quest    Dali - Begonia

Dali - Fig    Dali - CrazyHorse     Dali - Curtsying Gooseberry Bush

Dali - Lune    Dali - Tienta    

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