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Miro - Fissures    Miro - Fissures    Miro - Lezard

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Miro - A Toute Epreuve    Miro Le Bague d Aurore

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Joan Miro,(1893-1983)
Joan Miro, Spanish painter, sculptor, graphic artist and designer, first visited Paris in 1919, where from then until 1936 he spent his winters in Paris and summers near Barcelona. Although his early paintings showed many influences, he was particularly influenced by the Surrealists and throughout his life remained true to the surrealistic principle of releasing the creative forces of the unconscious mind from the control of logic and reason. Although much of his work is delightfully playful, it could also be somber as when he designed propaganda posters for the fight against Franco. Because of the Civil War Miro settled in Paris in 1936, but returned to Spain to escape the German occupation in 1940 and lived there for the rest of his life mostly on the island of Majorca.

Despite his fame, Miro was a modest retiring figure very devoted to his work and disciplined and hard working. After his first trip to the USA and the retrospectives at The Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1951 and in 1959 he achieved international fame and recognition. The market value of his art work increased and his financial position was strengthened so that In 1956 Miro could finally move into the villa of his dreams. Located in Palma de Majorca and built by the architect Josep Luis Sert. The new home was built in an ultra-modern style typical for the avant-garde architecture of the fifties. In 1992 it was transformed into the Miro Museum open for the public.

As well as being represented in every important museum worldwide, he had numerous large public commissions and his works can be seen in public places in many major cities. Always interested in making his work more accessible, he was productive as a printmaker and explored new printmaking techniques into his old age.


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