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Stabilito Reds    Stabilito Q

Stabilito Monkey Business    Stabilito Monk    Stabilito Mano

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stabilito 3    stabilito Red Oak

Stabilito 10    Stabilito


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Joseph Stabilito American (b. 1955), is an abstract illusionist artist whose painting technique creates the appearance of the third dimension. He emerged during the eighties out of East Village scene in New York, but unlike many of his contemporaries his personal style has evolved. Although associated with the Abstract Illusionism movement, Stabilito has generational ties to New Wave tendencies, particularly East Village graffiti art, which gives a cutting edge to his otherwise elegant abstract painting. The illusionary elements in his paintings are not flaunted for special effects, but is simply one element of his multi-dimensional painterly vocabulary. In fact in his later paintings the illusions almost disappear. Each painting is a color study: his early color palette was composed of pastel colors on unprimed canvas, but the color in his later work has become much deeper, richer and complex. Symbolic allusions and graffitti, often in a humorous vein, are frequently part of his otherwise abstract compositions.


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